Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kalifornia Dreamin'!

It's crunch time!  I'm in the final countdown to Cali.  Los Angeles is beckoning.  The move is all very bittersweet.  The 'bitter' is that I'm leaving my much adored friends, family and city that I love behind.  The 'sweet' is that I'm joining the most fabu man in the world, and the city that I 'love' is currently a frigid -15 degrees!  Me thinks that I can learn to love my new city.  In fact, I already do!   
I've actually had small a love affair with LA for about 21 years now.  Wait, that CAN'T be right! *trixi does a bit of quick math on her fingers*  Sigh, indeed it HAS been 21 years.   My love for Cali started when I was 12, but it was when I was 16 that I went to LA for the first time.  I was reeled in like a rock star on a fresh line of Coke (which I heard is the new retro-hot drug of choice in LA right now...aaahhhh..80's nostalgia).   I arrived in LaLaLand with wavy permed ringlets and the eye's of innocence.  I left LA with spiky hair and the moxy of Cali hipster.  It was a life changing journey that had me yearning to move there.  By the time I was 19, I was on my way.  After a tragic plane crash involving some freinds at a Drop Zone, and the fabulousness of civil unrest in the form of the LA riots, I was high-tailing it back to the Minne.

Once I moved back to MN, I started experiencing the West Coast DT's.  I met a lad from San Dimas and we connected because of our love for the land of sun and fun.  We married just over a year later.  Our constant bond was the city of Los Angeles.  We spent most of our time together dreaming and scheming a way to get back.  That, my friends, never came to fruition.  14 years later he went back to Los Angeles and I stayed behind.  Marriage over.  

I thought my dreams of moving there were not to be.  I went for a visit shortly after my separation and was haunted by the memories of 14 years of dreaming.  I felt that LA would never again be my 'second' home.  My, how things can change.  I had a very dear friend (one of my best friends in fact) move to LA within the last year.  He would come back to Minneapolis for visits quite frequently.  He had helped me through the hellishness of my divorce, and I returned the favor by letting him lean on me during his.  The love of friendship blossomed into true romance.  I am talking birds singing, 'dream weaver' on life's soundtrack playin, fuzzy camera lens vision sort of romance.  We have affection, attraction, adoration, geekdom and a true history together.   And so my journey in life takes me back to the West Coast to be with the Man 'O My Dreams.

Now, I start packing and I TRY to unload a real estate nightmare.  It's not nightmarish because the house is in bad shape, it's an adorable house.  No, the housing market is what is the killer.  Ex-spouse and non payment of alimony further complicates.  I'm determined to join my babeh and start a new and improved-better-than-ever life though.  I will be closer to two of my closest most beloved friends, and will playing in the sands that Annette and Frankie tread their bare little youthful feet in.  Cosmo's at Canters, and drinks at The Dresden beckon!



Blogger The Brown Dog Affair said...

dreams that beckon from the mid-riffs of our souls can only be begotten on the barebones of truelove on the back of a kick flair and a monster drumroll

Good luck to you and yr future happiness

3:18 PM  

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